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Tips for Choosing Insurance for Millennials

13 Apr 2020 | By Sompo

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Tips for Choosing Insurance for Millennials

Protecting yourself and the people you care about is obligatory. There are various ways to do all that. For example, by building a house with maximum security, or renting a security guard and bodyguard. Well, if then you need financial protection from the risk of bankruptcy due to illness or death, then the insurance protection you need.

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Not only for parents, insurance is also needed for you millennial generation. Why? Because the risk of illness or death is not only experienced by parents. Anyone can get sick and die, so the effort for the family left behind can continue to live well, then insurance can be a savior.

But before you start choosing insurance, there are some things you need to know when you want to make an election.

1. Premium amount

Insurance premiums are the total payments that the insurance industry imposes on poly owners, which are usually paid annually or monthly. If you want to choose insurance products, try to be adjusted to your financial capabilities.

Millennial needs insurance that can protect themselves. But, insurance must be able to be reached by millennial in terms of premiums and designs. So that this insurance is able to provide maximum protection at the age of din

To choose the right insurance, pay attention to the design of the insurance product. Millennial can choose insurance that is specific to their circles. Insurance that can be accessed via digital online can also be a millennial choice to keep abreast of increasingly sophisticated times.

2. Understand insurance providers

Legal standing or legal position of the insurance provider institution needs to be known by prospective customers, especially related to licensing from the relevant authorities. In Indonesia, insurance products sold must be licensed by the Financial Services Authority (OJK).

3. Know the insurance products that we will buy the policy

The core business of an insurance company is protection. If then the insurance company offers additional benefits in the form of investment elements, then we must study carefully, especially on the yield or yield provided, whether it makes sense or not.