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 Employees' wellbeing and health are invaluable assets of your company, so allow yourself to feel at ease by providing them health insurance.
Health insurance for employees or members of an organization is known as group health insurance. It is a type of health insurance plan that covers a group of people who work under the same institution. This is often offered as a work benefit for employees as the insurance premium is borne by the employer. The group health insurance coverage can be extended to the family members of the employees in some cases.
HealthCare+ Insurance provides your employees or members (of a school board or co-operation or foundation) with a convenient cashless experience when they require inpatient care, outpatient care, dental care, glasses or maternity care. At Sompo Insurance, you can rest assured that we are collaborating with our hospital partners to make sure your employees or members can get the right medical care with fast settlement. 
Having years of experience in managing risk for many businesses, we work closely with HR Departments to ensure transparent process, with simple solutions and swift services. Beyond our product, we offer consultation and solution that fits your institution's needs and budget. 

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Hospitalization & Surgery

Hospitalization & Surgery

Provides reimbursements for hospital care and surgical costs (inpatient or non-hospitalized), according to the benefits of each selected plan.


Outpatient Care

Provides outpatient reimbursements for employees and their families for consultations/ examinations, medication, laboratory examinations, vaccinations, and physiotherapy as recommended by doctors.

Dental Care

Dental Care

Provides reimbursements for expenses associated with dental care, ranging from basic care, special care, and preventive measures to the installation of dentures as recommended by doctors.

Maternity Care

Maternity Care

Provides reimbursements for expenses associated with maternity care.

Medical glasses

Medical Glasses

Provides reimbursements of costs associated with glasses as recommended by doctors.


Insurance Glossary

Insurance Glossary

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