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Privacy Policy

We, PT Sompo Insurance Indonesia are committed to protect and respect Your Personal Data pursuant to the applicable legislation. This policy explains about Personal data that we collect and how we use such personal data in our business. This policy also explains about the protection right to Personal data. Our objective is to handle Your Personal Data responsibly and securely.

We may change this Privacy Policy from time to time by updating the Privacy Policy page at our website. We recommend that you check the Privacy Policy at our website from time to time, since the version displayed on our website constitutes an update to all previous versions of our Privacy Policy.

1. What is a Privacy Policy?
Based on the Regulation of Financial Services Authority No. 1/POJK.07/2013 concerning Protection to Consumer of Financial Service Sector and Circular No. 14/SEOJK.07/2014 concerning Data Confidentiality and Security and/or Consumer’ Personal Information dated August 20, 2014, the Personal Data is the information contains the following:

i. For individual customer

1) Name;

2) Address;

3) Birth Date and/or age;

4) Telephone number; and/ or

5) Mother’s maiden name

ii. For corporate customers

1) Name;

2) Address;

3) Telephone number;

4) The composition of the Board of Directors and Board of Commissioners including identity documents such as Identity Card/passport/ stay permit; and/or

5) Composition of shareholders.

In accordance with the Regulation of Minister of Communications and Informatics of the Republic of Indonesia No. 20 of 2016 concerning Protection to Personal Data in Electronic System;
- Personal Data is a certain individual data which truth is stored, maintained and kept as well as its confidentiality is protected.
- Certain Individual Data is any correct, concrete, inherent and identifiable information, directly or indirectly, of each individual which utilization confirms to the provisions of legislation.

As used in this Policy, Personal Data, for example, includes the information we collect regarding insurance applicant policyholders, beneficiaries, third party claimers, visitors to our website and any information collected through the use of cookie and the related technology in our website.

2.Basic Principles

a. We obtain and use Your Personal Data only to the extent required for our business in a legal and fair manner under the applicable law.

b. We will not give Your Personal Data to any third party without your consent, unless required by law.

c. We will take proper information security measures while keep preventing any leakage, loss or damage to Your Personal Data. We will also ensure the necessary and proper supervision on our business partners or vendors or other third parties whom we entrust to manage Your Personal Data.

d. We will strictly train and instruct our employees to ensure a proper handling on Your Personal Data. We will also keep reviewing our management system to protect Your Personal Data and strive to improve the system.

e. We will immediately respond to any complaint or consultancy in connection with the handling of Your Personal Data. We will also respond well your request for any disclosure or revision on Your Personal Data being in our custody.

3. How We Collect Personal Data
We collect Personal Data in many ways, including from the information or documents submitted to us electronically or otherwise, from that provided through our website, during online or phone conversations, and during offline meeting or by other communications.

4. Personal Data We Collect from Other Parties
Personal Data also includes personal information collected by our business partners, vendors, other third parties as well as affiliates. For example, we obtain such information from insurance agents, brokers, claim investigators, witnesses, professional paramedic, driving license and vehicle authorities, credit reference agents, as well as third parties and other service providers. We also combine the information from other sources with the information provided by You to us.
If we obtain Personal Data from other parties and we intend to use such Personal Data for our activities, then we are obliged to have a written statement confirming that such other parties have obtained a written approval from You to provide the Personal Data to any parties, including to us.

5. Personal Data We Obtain from You

a. You as Policyholder

When you or a third party apply on behalf of you for an insurance coverage or other services or file a claim under an insurance policy that we issued, we will collect the information about You and any other related person or entity as necessary, which are appropriate to our consideration and review to run our business subject to the applicable legislation. The information we collect may include Your name, contact information including email address, gender, marital status and family, birth date and place, physical characteristics conforming to the condition, educational background, employer’s statement and employment history, skills and experience, professional license, membership and affiliate, date and cause of property damage, loss, theft, injury, disability or death, records of personal activities such as driving and data on dispute, claim or legal proceeding that involved you, identification of social security or national insurance, passport number, tax identification number, Driving License number, or any identifications issued by the government, financial information, credit history, medical history, physical, mental or medical condition both at present or previously, medical diagnosis, health status, information on injury or disability, medical procedures taken or any treatment given or any personal habit such as smoking, alcoholic consumption, medical prescription, information on criminal record or civil litigation history and other information collected and used in insurance industry. We use this information as part of our decision making process, including whether or not to issue a re-insurance agreement or insurance agreement or whether or not to provide the related service for you or whether or not to pay a claim based on insurance policy.

b. You as Website Visitor

When visiting our website or asking some questions or requests to us through website or common email, we will collect Your name and contact details as well as other information you provided to respond to Your communication.

c. Other information

We may also monitor or record phone calls, email, SMS messages or other communications, and other information we obtain through technology or other techniques in the implementation of our business. We use this information in connection with our reinsurance and other business activities, including whether or not to issue an insurance policy, reinsurance contract, claim assessment, claim administration and settlement, claim dispute settlement and other relevant purposes which are permitted by the applicable legislation.

6. How We Use Personal Data

We use Personal Data in many ways and in our various business and operational aspects as well as when you are going to buy a product or service, or to utilize our product or service. Our main purposes of using Personal Data comprise of:

a. communicating with You or to verify Your identity,

b. identifying and assess the risk and make a decision, including underwriting decision concerning the terms and conditions of insurance policy or any other product or service that we can offer or issue for You,

c. receiving any payment and assess your eligibility for a plan of premium payment or other payments,

d. communicating with You or a proper third party about our product or service, including managing any complaints we will forward to the government and to handle any request for data access or data correction or the implementation of individual data protection or any related rights,

e. arranging the insurance administration, credit or related services or other products for You or other persons utilizing those services,

f. managing the claims and claim-related activities pertaining to the insurance or reinsurance contract and making any decision on claim issue, claim settlement, dispute settlement as well as cost recovery or the allocation of loss distribution with other insurance or reinsurance companies or other assistances or services we may provide for you,

g. identifying debtors or beneficiaries and recovering the debts,

h. preventing, investigating or reporting any potential deception, money laundering, terrorism, miss-presentation, or security incident or any breach or crime whatsoever in accordance with the applicable legislation,

i. developing, improving, or protecting our product, service, website and system, or manage or audit your account or insurance policy or other products or services as well as the distribution platform and channels that we use to provide for you,

j. managing, reporting and auditing our business operation,

k. researching, developing and applying the risk management and statistical analysis,

l. developing, implementing or defending a legal suit,

m. protecting our business operation and our affiliate’s business operation, business partners, or You yourself;

n. implementing the terms and conditions of legal contracts and striving for any available legal implementation and limit our loss,

o. fulfilling the regulatory and compliance requirements; and

p. responding any requests from any government agencies or law enforcement authorities which conduct an investigation or a reporting required in connection with our business or in accordance with all applicable legislation, including sanction requirements.

7. How We Distribute Your Personal Data If You Give Us an Approval

You will be asked to give approval to us to use Your information. Procedure for your written approval can be expressed in, among others, the following forms:

a. an option of agree or disagree; or

b. giving a sign of approval,

in a document and/or a product and/or service agreement.

We will distribute your information within the group of companies and the providers of third party service that we use.

8. Contact Us
If you have any question about this Policy or our data collection practice or you wish to use your right under the applicable law on data protection, please contact us.