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Movable All Risk Insurance

Computers, copy machines, telephone machines, mining equiptment are just the things you cannot work without. If errors or crashes frustrate you, imagine if you loss it while travelling or accidentally damage it. 
Moveable All Risks insurance covers insured moveable assets from unexpected accidents in the future, such as damage or loss while placed in the insured premise or travelling outside. Such coverage is important for business owners who needs high-value items to carry the work and want to avoid big hit on their cashflow when the unexpected hits. Sompo Insurance coverage ranges from damage due to accidents to natural disasters.


Fire Insurance

FLEXAS Coverage

Includes coverage for losses and/or damages caused by fires, lightning, explosions and the impact of falling aircraft, and smoke.

Fire Insurance

Covers Riots, Strikes, Commotions

When the situation goes wrong, we got you covered and protected from various risks.

Property Insurance

Natural Disasters Coverage

Covers losses and damages caused by earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, fires, and explosions following an earthquake and/or volcanic eruption and/or tsunami.

Accidental Damages

Accidental Damages

Covers your valuable movable assets from the risk of being hit, dropped, and run over, as well as from water damages.


Insurance Glossary

Insurance Glossary

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