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Pillars of Sustainability and CSR

At every opportunity, we will work towards achieving the goal of creating a society where every individual can enjoy a healthy and prosperous life in their own way.

As a responsible corporate citizen in Indonesia, we play an active role in promoting sustainable economic growth by aligning economic, social, and environmental interests within the company and its activities. Our sustainability and CSR efforts revolve around three main pillars:

sompo-environment-foundation (Sompo Environment Foundation)

Sompo Environment Foundation  

The Annual NGO Learning Internship Program aims to help Indonesian students deepen their understanding of a variety of environmental issues, including climate change and forest conservation, and to expand their awareness of the work environmental NGOs do to tackle such issues.

The Sompo Environment Foundation launched a similar internship program in Japan in 2000, which has attracted more than 1,100 participants to date. Applying the experience and know-how from running the Japanese program, the Sompo Environment Foundation will work to support Indonesian students as they develop into future leaders and find suitable jobs.


Sompo Welfare Foundation  

As one of the partners of the M2030 Initiative, Sompo Insurance has pledged to help eradicate malaria across Asia. In Indonesia, Sompo Insurance works with non-profit health organization Perdhaki to raise awareness of and prevent malaria, dengue, COVID-19, and other communicable diseases in remote communities in East Nusa Tenggara. In addition to a grant, Sompo Insurance provides malaria insurance coverage for Perdhaki's employees.
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Five-Year SELAMAT Program 

In 2018, Sompo Holdings Group and Sompo Insurance Indonesia, together with Save the Children, embarked on a five-year journey with teachers, headmasters, parents, the government, the National Police, and Jakartans to reduce traffic accidents that involve children within and around schools. The program is called SELAMAT, and more than 5,000 primary and junior high school students have been involved. 

With the SELAMAT program, we help reinforce the school environment as a safe space for children to explore, learn, and grow. During the project period, we engage parents, teachers, and children in Road Safety Training and the Stop Mudik Campaign to support the government’s efforts to curb the spread of COVID-19.