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Welcome to Sompo Insurance Whistleblowing System - (SIWEBS)

Dear valued clients and partners,

To maintain our commitment in building a healthy work and business environment, we have a facility media for reporting violation or irregularities called the Sompo Insurance Whistleblowing System SIWEBS

It provides an opportunity for you to report violations or irregularities committed by both internal and external parties of PT Sompo Insurance Indonesia alleged for fraud, violations of law, code of ethics or conflict of interest violations.

We will further process your report that meets the criteria and requirements. We also guarantee confidentiality of your identity, where the whistleblower’s personal data is protected when providing information in the SIWEBS e-form; name (could be stated “anonymous”), phone number and email address.

The whistleblower and information provided must at least could explain what happened, who was involved, where it happened, and how it happened.

Reporting criteria and categories:

  1. Violation or irregularities committed by internal and external parties of PT Sompo Insurance Indonesia.
  2. Whistleblowing reports through SIWEBS must have adequate basic grounds and evidence, reported in good intentions, and not for personal complaints against the Company’s policies. PT Sompo Insurance Indonesia will not accept and tolerate false, libelous or inciting reports. For these kinds of reports will be subjected to sanctions in accordance with applicable law.
  3. Scope of reports to be processed further in the Whistleblowing System SIWEBS are violation/irregularities/incidents that may harm the Company, customers, and partners, including the following:
  • Fraud: which is a deliberate act intentionally committed to deceive, manipulate the Company, customers, or other parties, that takes place in the Company’s environment with use of the Company’s resources (assets) that resulted the Company, customers, or other parties to suffer losses, where then gain financial benefits for the fraud perpetrator(s), either directly or indirectly. Types of actions classified as fraud are: cheat, deceit, asset embezzlement, corruption, data misuse.
  • Violations of code of conduct, procedures and other compliance guidance.
  • Bribery.
  • Conflict of interest violation.
  • Abuse of authority/position and retaliation acts against individuals reporting the violation/irregularities/incidents.
  • Other unlawful acts.

We guarantee the confidentiality of your identity, above the supervision of reports that include your name, telephone number and email address. 
Please use any of the media below to report violations/deviations/incidents: 

  1. Download the PDF form below and open it with PDF Reader to edit your report and email it directly to when you have finished reporting. 
  2. Call our hotline at +1 - 803 - 015 - 203 - 5129 (International) or +62 - 21 - 508 - 514 - 20 (Indonesia).
  3. Report via third party website Under the 'Report an Incident' section, type “PT Sompo” in the search box, select “PT Sompo Insurance Indonesia” in the drop-down box, and click ‘Next’.

Thank you for your support and trust with PT Sompo Insurance Indonesia.

PT Sompo Insurance Indonesia