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Directors and Officers Liability Insurance

Being a company director or officer makes you vulnerable to allegations of wrongful acts when doing your job. Directors and Officers (D&O) Liability Insurance is insurance coverage intended to protect individuals from personal losses if you are sued as a result of serving as a director or an officer of a business or other type of organization. It can also help reimburse a business or nonprofit for the legal fees or other costs incurred in defending such individuals against lawsuits. A “wrongful act” can include mistakes or suspected mistakes, negligence, breach of statutory duty, abuse of power, false or misleading statements, defamation, and violations of labor practices, among other violations.

With our coverage, you can focus on running your company instead of worrying about or dealing with prolonged litigation with a host of third parties, from shareholders to customers. D&O Insurance applies to anyone who serves as a director or an officer of a for-profit business or nonprofit organization of any size.


Covers investigation cost

Investigation Cost Coverage

Investigations are not cheap. D&O Insurance covers this cost depending on the insurance plan you choose.

Protection for corporate securities claims.

Protect Your Financial Sustainability

Directors and officers are sued for a variety of reasons related to their company roles, including breach of fiduciary duty resulting in financial losses or bankruptcy, misrepresentation of company assets, misuse of company funds, and so on.
Coverage of risks caused by workforce actions.

Workforce Actions Coverage

Covers risks caused by workforce actions that are not in compliance with workplace laws.

Additional protection includes fines and civil sanctions.

Fines and Civil Sanction Coverage

D&O Insurance can cover costs related to fines and civil sanctions caused by wrongful acts.


Director & Officer Liability Insurance pays on behalf of the insured / company for the following costs:

  • Investigation costs
  • Claim Company Securities
  • Claim Company Employment Practices

Additional guarantee:

  • Investigative derivatives request costs
  • Public relations related expenses
  • Report and investigation costs
  • Cost of regulatory issues
  • Mitigation costs
  • Emergency expenses
  • Cost of prosecution
  • Expenditures related to foreclosure of assets
  • Costs associated with defamation
  • Shareholder fees
  • Additional protection for directors and non-executive directors of the parent company
  • Civil fines and sanctions
  • The insured's responsibility for corporate taxes
  • Interpretive advisory fees
  • Travel and accommodation costs (related to investigation)
  • Liberalization of claims using foreign laws


Insurance Glossary

Insurance Glossary

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