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Abroad means beyond the borders of Indonesia.


Accident means the events that occur suddenly, unexpectedly, and not accidental, originating from outside the body, which occurs at the time and place can be identified.

Actual Value

Actual value shall mean the value of the Motor Vehicle’s sales amount that may be obtained the same brand, type, model and manufacturing year as stated in the Policy in the free market immediately prior to occurrence of loss and/or damage.


ASEAN means Brunei, Cambodia, Singapore, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam and East Timor.



Benefits means benefits as defined in the Policy Overview, which must be paid by the Company under the terms and conditions of this Policy for whenever events or losses incurred under this policy.

Biological Agent

Biological agents (Biological Agent) means that micro-organisms and / or any biological toxins that are fatogen (including organisms genetically modified toxins as well as the synthesis of chemicals) which cause illness and / or death in humans, animals or plants.


Brawling is the fight between groups of persons involving minimum of 5 (five) persons causing disturbances to public order and use violence and destruction to the property of others not amounting to Riot.

Business Associates

Business associates means any director, commissioner, or shareholders named on the registration document your efforts.


Chemical means any compound which, when dispersed in such a way, can give adverse effects, damage or kill on humans, animals, plants or property.

Child or Children

Child or children dependents legitimate means of legally married couples aged under 18 years old on the date of commencement of travel.

Chronic Illness

Chronic Illness means any condition that survive, or be expected to last for more than one year and after that time will relapse. This includes but is not limited to: arthritis, cardiovascular disorders, epilepsy, hemophilia, lupus, motor neurone disease, multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, Parkinson's disease, kidney disease - renal, respiratory disorders.

Civil Commotions

Civil Commotions is an act of a large number of people acting together disrupting public peace and disturbance tumultuously with violence and a chain of destruction of a large number of properties, indicated by the cessation of more than one half of the normal activity of commercial/shopping or business areas or schools or public transportation in one city for at least 24 (twenty-four) hours consecutively commencing immediately before, during or after the event.

Civil War

Civil War is an armed conflict between regions or political factions within the territorial limits of a country with the objective to gain legitimate power.


Claim means your request to us to get the benefits provided under this policy.

Close Family Members

Close family members means your spouse, parent, parent-in-law, grandparent, son or daughter, son-man, daughter in law, brother / sister, step parent, stepchild women, stepchild man, grandchild, guardian legally.

Collision or Impact

Collision or Impact shall mean any physical contact between Motor Vehicle and other objects including animals, located outside Motor Vehicle.

Commercial Use

Commercial Use shall mean the use of such Motor Vehicle for rent or receiving retribution.

Competition Sports

Competition Sports means any involvement, including training, in an organised sport event or contest of a physically demanding, acrobatic and/or combative nature. These include but are not limited to cycling, triathlons, biathlons, ultra marathons, equestrian, sailing and other water sports, football, rugby, hockey, gymnastics, pole jumping, fencing, weight lifting, archery, shooting, martial arts, boxing and all winter sports. It does not mean sports, including those that are referenced above, which are organised sanctioned competitions for primary or secondary school age students.

Cost of Dental Care

Cost of dental care means necessary and reasonable expenses incurred and paid to dentists for dental treatment performed by a dentist. Treatment, including specialist care must be prescribed or referred by a dentist so that these costs can be replaced under this policy where its replacement cost will not exceed the general price level for this type of treatment is the same, the cost of maintenance services or the same equipment in locations where costs are incurred, insurance this does not exist.

Cost of Risk Itself on a Hired Car

Cost of risk itself on a hired car means any excess or shortage of charge by insurance policies that are hired by you where you are legally obligated to pay in connection with the loss or damage caused by the accident of the vehicle in rent during your travels.

Country of Residence

Country of residence means the country where you have been granted the rights of citizenship or permanent residence with the right to not be checked at the time of re-entry by the authorities of their respective Governments.


Damage shall mean any condition or loss of function of Motor Vehicles included but not limited to scratches, dents, stains, cracks, breaks.

Date and Time of Issuance of the Policy

Date and time of issuance of the policy means the date and time of issuance of this policy as specified in the Summary of Coverage.


Dentist means dentists are licensed, registered and licensed qualifications recognized by the applicable law and acted within the scope of the license and training. Dentists who treat can not you or your relatives or business associates, employer, employee or your travelling companion.

Departure Schedule

Departure schedule means the time of transportation you are guaranteed is scheduled to depart for your trip.

Disease or Illness

Disease or Illness means a physical condition marked by a pathological deviation from the normal healthy state based on a description of Medical Practitioners.


Existing health conditions / Previous Medical Condition

Existing health conditions / Previous Medical Condition means:

  • Any illness, disease or other conditions, including symptoms thereof suffered by you, your relatives, business associates, or travelling companion, who in a period of one (1) year prior to the date and time of issuance of the policy:
  • First manifested itself, worsened, became acute or exhibited symptoms that can lead to a request to do diagnosis, treatment or care,
  • Required taking prescribed medications or drugs, or a test or further investigations which had been recommended by a medical practitioner; iv. treatment by a medical practitioner or treatment has been recommended by a medical practitioner.

This also means that all conditions congenital, heredity, chronic condition or a condition that is ongoing on you, your relatives, business associates, or your travel companion which you or they knew, or reasonably can be expected to be aware, before the date and the time of issuance of the policy.


Expedition means any journey high risk, inaccessible locations and / or locations that are not friendly including but not limited to kayaking trip personally organized around the coast of a country or a trip into the interior, which generally can not be accessed from countries or regions that previously have not exploited or untouched or journeys undertaken for the purposes of scientific research or political purpose to that location or a trip to Antarctica or remote locations and hostile alike. This does not mean trekking and sightseeing trips, beyond the examples given above, which is provided by the tour operator who acknowledged that can be accessed by the general public without restriction (other than public health or warnings fitness), but it always requires that you act under guidance and supervision of qualified guides and / or instructors from the tour operator.

Family Member

Family Member means the husband / wife legitimate children (biological children or adopted children) are legally old one (1) year up to 23 (twenty three) years and financially dependent on his parents and still as a student in full and unmarried.

Financial Difficulties

Financial Difficulties means insolvency, bankruptcy, liquidation while, liquidation, financial collapse, the appointment of a receiver, manager or administrator, enter into a scheme of arrangement is official or unofficial, legal protection, restructuring or composition with creditors, or the happening of anything of a similar nature under the law of the jurisdiction anywhere.

Goods - Valuables

Goods - Valuables means sun protective glasses / sunglasses, antiques, artwork, jewelry, watches and other personal items of high value, such as high-value goods that are expected to be worth over time.

Health Workers

Health workers means a registered herbalist, acupuncturist, chiropractor, Bonesetter or osteopatis licensed according to applicable regulations. Health workers may not be you or one of the relatives or business associates, employers, employees or your travelling companion.


Home means the home your primary residence in Indonesia.


Hospital means means formed and registered as a facility for the care and treatment of sick and wounded are:

1. Has full facilities for diagnosis and surgical procedures;

2. Providing nursing services 24 hours a day by a registered nurse graduates;

3. Be supervised by the staff of the medical practitioner, and

4. Is not a clinic, nursing home, resting or healing, nursing home, a place for the treatment of alcoholism or drug addiction or institution for mental or behavioral disorders.


Hypnotic shall mean a trick that makes someone lose his consciousness and become submissive and follow the desire of the hypnotist to surrender Motor Vehicle in part or in whole to the hypnotist or any other unrightfully person.

Illness or Serious Injury

Illness or serious injury means:

1. When associated with you or your travel companion a condition that requires treatment by a medical practitioner stating that as a direct result of these conditions you or a travelling companion require medical treatment urgent and did not deserve to start the journey or continue your journey truth.

2. If the other person relating imposed this insurance, the person is admitted to hospital and medical practitioners who deal stating that their lives are in danger requiring your presence immediately.

Indirect Losses

Indirect losses mean loss of profits, loss of use, loss of business, loss of business opportunities, or any claim for damages or indirect losses of any kind.

Indonesia's Population

Indonesia's population means Indonesian citizen or residing permanently in Indonesia or the holder of valid work permit or holder of Employment Pass The Legitimate or Holders Dependant Pass The Legitimate or holder of a Social Visit Pass Term The Legal or Permit holder Learning The Sah on the Effective Date.


Injury means bodily injury suffered by you as a result of an accident while travelling which occurs solely, directly and independent of any other cause or causes including illness or physical condition or the default of other existing, unless the disease direct result of medical treatment or surgery that needs to be given to such injuries.

Inpatient Hospital Insured

Inpatient Hospital Insured means the period listed as an inpatient in a hospital for medical needs under the professional care of a medical practitioner and which hospitals charge for the room and for the treatment of injury or disease to such treatments.


Inpatient means a situation where the insured must obtain hospital treatment as an inpatient as a result of injuries and given insurance coverage under this policy and not solely for the purposes of treatment, healing, rehabilitation or advanced services.

Insurrection / Popular Rising

Insurrection/Popular Rising is an uprising of a majority of the people in the capital city of the country, or in three or more capital cities of the provinces within 12 (twelve) days, demanding a change in the government de jure or de facto, or open resistance against the government de jure or de facto, not amounting to a Rebellion.


Invasion is an act by the military power of one country to penetrate or invade the territory of another with the objective to permanently or temporarily occupy and take control over such territory.


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No insurance jargon starts with K. We will update once we found any.


Limbs means the entire limb between the shoulder and the wrist or between the hip and ankle.

List of Benefits

List of benefits means benefits tables for product and plan you have chosen.

Locked-out Workers

Locked-out Workers is a deliberate act of damage, by a group of workers of at least 12 (twelve) persons or one half of the entire workforce (if the total number of workforce is less than twenty-four persons), to protest against the termination or suspension of a fellow employee by the employer.


Looting is the appropriation of property belonging to another by any person (including those employed by or under the control of the Insured), with the intention of permanently depriving that other of it.

Losing Voice

Losing Voice means the inability to articulate Three of the four sound effect on speech such as voice Labialo, Alveololabial sound, sound Palatalo and Velara Au sound. Damage on the vocal chords and sound center in the brain that cause aphasia.

Loss or Loss of Function

Loss or loss of function means the overall functional disability permanently fixed or breaking physical at or above the wrist or ankle joint.


Malicious Acts

Malicious Acts is an act of any person or a group of persons of at least 12 (twelve) persons deliberately causing damage to the property of others driven by vengeance, hatred , anger or vandalistic.

Manual Work

Manual work means your personal active participation in jobs involving physical labor or manual operation, including but not limited to:

  • Work underground, mining jobs, military service, offshore work, construction work, or outside the building or installation work exceeding three meters in height;
  • Work involving heavy machinery, explosives or hazardous materials;
  • Working as a diver, lifeguard / pool, taxi drivers, bus drivers, or other commercial vehicles or heavy vehicle drivers, motorists delivery services or services between;
  • The nature of manual work that involves specialized equipment and training, or jobs that pose a risk of serious injury, including but not limited to oil rig workers, fisherman, crane operator or welder, or
  • Worked as a bar, restaurant or hotel, or work as a musician and a singer and a fruit picker fruit picker when operating the machine.

Maximum Benefit

Maximum Benefit means the amount of benefit from any benefits that are guaranteed in this policy overview as stated in the Table of Benefits.

Medical Costs

Medical costs, which means costs incurred were necessary and reasonable and paid to medical practitioners, hospitals, and / or the service provider ambulance for treatment, surgery, X-rays, hospital or nursing treatment including the cost of medicines and ambulance rental.

All treatment, including specialist treatment, must be prescribed or referred by a medical practitioner for such costs can be replaced by this Policy and such reimbursement will not exceed the level of costs in general for similar treatment, services or medical equipment in locations where costs occur no insurance.

Advanced Medical Costs - guarantees in the country of origin, medical costs also include expenses that are medically necessary and reasonable incurred and paid for the services rendered by health workers.

Maintenance and services including medicines should be required for treatment on your condition and not an experimental or elective.

Medical Practitioner

Medical practitioner means a registered medical practitioner licensed and well qualified according to applicable laws and acting within the scope of the license and training. Medical practitioner can not handle you or your relatives or your business associates, employer, employee or your travelling companion.

Military Power

Military Power is an act by a group of home or foreign armed forces personnel consisting of at least 30 (thirty) persons using force with the intention to overthrow the established authority or to cause public disorder and disturbance.

Motor Vehicle

Motor Vehicle shall mean two wheeled or more vehicle driven by motor or other mechanism and is licensed for use in the public road that becomes the insured object.

Mountain Climbing

Mountain climbing means climbing a mountain or a decline that usually requires the use of certain equipment including but not limited to crampons, axes, anchors, bolts, carabiners and lead-rope or top-rope anchoring equipment.


Natural Disasters and Extreme Weather Conditions

Natural disasters and extreme weather conditions mean, but are not limited to, typhoons, hurricanes, cyclones or tornadoes, wildfires, floods, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, landslides or natural phenomena or other natural events that arise from events mentioned above.

Non Standard Equipment

Non Standard Equipment shall mean any equipment in the Motor Vehicle which is not the standard equipment of the manufacturer and/or new motor vehicle authorized dealer.


Overall Permanent Disability

Overall Permanent Disability mean overall disability continuously for twelve (12) consecutive months and at the moment it is certified by a medical practitioner as there is no hope for a cure and you completely unobstructed forever from:

  • If you are working, from engaging in any and all kinds of business or a lucrative job, or
  • If you do not own a business or a job, of doing any task that you usually do in your everyday life.

This means your inability without assistance or mechanical devices to be able to do three or more of the following activities;

  • Wear and undressing;
  • Washing, bathing and toileting;
  • Eating and drinking;
  • General household tasks, or
  • Expenditure.


Overloading shall mean any condition in which Motor Vehicle transport goods and/or passengers exceeding the capacity set out by the Authority.

Overview Coverage

Overview Coverage means the document we have issued to you after you buy your insurance policy from us. This document contains details of policy that indicates the type of insurance products you buy, the details of the insured, the risk itself imposed and other special requirements that apply to you.

Own Risk

Own Risk shall mean a specified amount should be borne by the Insured for any one accident.



Partner or Spouse

Partner or Spouse means a person who is legally married to you.

Period of Insurance

Period of insurance is the period between the effective date of the policy and the policy expiration date shown on your Insurance Overview. Permanent Fixed means that lasted twelve (12) consecutive months from the date of the accident and at the end of the twelve (12) months there was no hope of recovery.

Personal Use

Personal Use shall mean the use of such Motor Vehicle for personal purposes.


Plan means as set forth in the Summary of Coverage and shows the level of benefits you are entitled to under the Policy.

Plastic Money

Plastic money means money cards including but not limited to travel cards, prepaid debit cards, gift cards, transportation cards such as the Oyster card, Octopus card, Myki cards and the like.


Policyholders means the person who buys the Policy and as specified in the Summary of Coverage.

Preventive Acts

Preventive Acts is an act of any lawfully constituted authority or body in an attempt to prevent or suppress the occurrence of any of insured perils or to minimize the consequences of any such perils.

Public Place

Public place means, but not limited to convenience stores, airports (including airport lounges), railway stations, bus stations, roads, the entrance area and the hotel's lobby, multipurpose room, exhibition hall or conference center, restaurants, beaches, toilet general and the places where the public has access.

Public Transport

Public transport means commuter bus, ferry, hovercraft, hydrofoil, trains, trams, and every winged aircraft:

  • Permitted in accordance with applicable laws, regulations, laws or equivalent, for passenger transport paid, and
  • That operates with a fixed route, scheduled and organized. This does not mean taxis, cruise ships also does not mean any kind of transportation that if hired or ordered as part of a tour even if those services are scheduled regularly.



No insurance jargon starts with Q. We will update once we found any.



Rebellion is a state of organized resistance against the established authority de jure or de facto with the objective to supplant or overthrow it with force using fire arms which threatens the existence of such authority.


Relatives means your spouse, son and daughter, son-man, daughter in law, children, parents, father-mother-in-law, grandparents, grandparents-in-law, great-grandparents, grandchild, brother / sister, brother / sister-in-law, step-parent, step-daughter, step-son, sister / half brother, niece, nephew of the man, aunt or uncle.


Revolution is an uprising of the people with force to make a radical change to the current public administration system of the country or to overthrow the established government de jure or de facto, not amounting to a Rebellion.


Riot shall mean an act of a group of at least 12 (twelve) persons, who in the execution of their common purpose cause public disturbance tumultuously with violence and damage to the property of others, not amounting to Civil Commotions.

Riot, Civil Commotion or Mass Movement

Riot, civil commotion or mass movement means the gathering of (organized or unorganized), which causes disruption of public order in the violence, threats of violence, or acts authorized by law to suppress or attempt to suppress any such gathering.


Sabotage is a destructive act against property or the obstruction of work process or causing the reduction in value of work, by any person or group(s) of persons whether acting alone or on behalf of or in connection with any organization(s) or government(s) in an attempt to achieve a political, religious, ideological or similar goals including the intention to influence any government and/or to put the public, or any section of the public, in fear.

Service Providers

Service providers means any registered commercial entity that accepts payments with respect to services rendered

Sport and Extreme Sport

Sport and extreme sport means any sport or sporting activity that presents the danger level is high (ie involves a high level of expertise, physical activity were outstanding, equipment or stunt a very special), including but not limited to surfing the big waves, winter activities cold like luging, bobsleighing, ski or snow board or similar stunt; bicycle, motorcycle, speed test air and sea vehicles or similar stunt; canoeing down the rapids; jump cliffs; horse jump; polo horses; and similar stunt. This does not mean the tourist activities in general, which can be accessed by the general public without restriction (other than height or public health or warnings fitness) and provided by local tour operators who recognized but it is always required that you act under the guidance and supervision of a guide qualified and / or instructors of operators / service providers tours when the tourist activities.

Standard Equipment

Standard equipment shall mean any equipment in the Motor Vehicle which is provided and attached by the manufacturer and/or new motor vehicle authorized dealer.


Strike means any refusal to continue the work that is organized, deliberate by each worker or employee to declare the protest or action is authorized by law in preventing or attempting to prevent such action or to mitigate the consequences of those actions.


Strikes is a deliberate act of damage, by a group of workers of at least 12 (twelve) persons or one half of the entire workforce (if the total number of workforce is less than 24 persons), refusing to work as usual in an attempt to force the employer to accept their demands or to protest against any terms of employment enforced by the employer.


Subversive is an act by any person on behalf of or in connection with any organization with activities directed towards the overthrow by force of the government de jure or de facto, or influencing it by Terrorism or Sabotage or violence.



Technology Goods

Technology goods means mobile phones including smartphones, digital cameras, photographic equipment, audio, video and electrical equipment (including CD, DVD, video and audio tape and electronic games), portable computers, tablets and audio players or media players.

Terror Actions Involving Nuclear, Biological or Chemical Weapons

Terror Actions Involving Nuclear, Biological or Chemical Weapons means the use of a weapon or a nuclear device or the release, dissemination or spread of a Chemical or Materials Biological either solid, liquid or gas during the Period Insured by one or a group of persons, whether acting alone or on or the name associated with an organization or any government, which has the purpose of political, religious or ideological purpose, including to influence any government and / or foster a sense of fear to the public or a particular component in the community.


Terrorism is an act, including but not limited to the use of force or violence and/or the threat thereof, of any person or group(s) of persons whether acting alone or on behalf of or in connection with any organization(s) or government(s), committed for political, religious, ideological or similar purposes including the intention to influence any government and/or to put the public, or any section of the public, in fear.


Terrorists means any person who committed or attempted to commit a terrorist act or who participate in or facilitate the commission of a terrorist act and / or verified or approved or appointed by the government or the authorities as terrorists.

The Commencement of the Journey

The commencement of the journey means the date that has been scheduled to begin your journey as defined in the Summary of Coverage.

The Cost of Return a Hired Car

The cost of return a hired car means any costs incurred and paid to return the vehicle hired by you to the nearest car rental place if you can not return the vehicle rented by you during your trip because you need hospitalization.

The Effective Date of the Policy

The effective date of the policy means the date specified in the Summary of Coverage and the date on which your journey begins.

The Expiration Date of the Policy

The expiration date of the policy means the policy end date is midnight on the date specified in the Summary of Coverage.

The Insured

The Insured shall mean person or legal entity who has financial interest on motor vehicle and binds to the Insurer to obtain protection for the Motor Vehicle.

The Insurer

The Insurer shall mean insurance company that binds to the insured to indemnify for losses and/or damage to the motor vehicle and/or interest insured.

The Main Purpose of Travel

The main purpose of travel means any location, temporary or otherwise, if it proves to convince us that the events that are granted in one or more of these locations will have an impact on the extent to which your trip is canceled or interrupted corresponding need specified in the Policy Section.

The Rented Vehicle

The rented vehicle means a motor vehicle rented by you from the rental agent for transporting passengers who do not pay and do not include:

    Any vehicle designed to be used for the transport of commercial goods;
    Any vehicle that is classified as a camper van, motor home or other vehicles used for accommodation and transportation purposes;
    Motorcycles, boats and airplanes of any kind.

The Said Capacity

The said capacity shall mean total weight of goods, volume, and number of people.

Third Degree Burn

Third degree burn means burns destroy the epidermis and dermis. It is also referred to as full thickness burns.

Third Party

Third Party shall mean every party not being the Insured, spouses, children, parents, and siblings of the Insured, people working for and people under supervision of the Insured. In case that the Insured is a Legal Entity, then Management, Shareholders, Commissioners and Employees shall not be included in the definition of Third Party.

Transport Secured

Transport Secured means any means of transportation that operate on land, water or air with a valid license for passenger transport is paid and that operate with a fixed route, scheduled and organized.


Travel means a trip abroad where you are guaranteed by this Policy and in this regard: guarantees under each policy section will begin and end as set forth below.

Not Able To Start Your Journey, warranty begins when where more recently:
    (a) the date and time of issuance of your policy,
    (b) the date of the events that warranted attached as specified in the Policy Section, and end upon whichever is earlier:
    (c) the expiry date of your policy, or
    (d) when you arrive at the immigration check point in Indonesia to start your trip.

Accident, guarantees began in more recent:
    (a) your departure from your home or work place in Indonesia to travel to the immigration check point for your journey, or
    (b) 3 hours before your scheduled departure with a guaranteed transportation from Indonesia, or
    (c) the date and time of issuance of your policy, and ends at the time whichever is earlier:
    (d) when you arrive at your home or workplace in Indonesia after you return to Indonesia, or
    (e) 3 hours after you through the process to pass through immigration checkpoints arrival in Indonesia, or
    (f) the expiration date of your policy.

Regarding collateral other Policy Section commenced after the date and time of policy issuance and you're through the process to pass through immigration checkpoints departure in Indonesia for your trip, and ended up at the time whichever is earlier:
    (a) you are going through a process to get through immigration checkpoints arrival in Indonesia, or
    (b) the expiration date of your policy.

Travel Companion

Travel companion means a person accompany you for the entire duration of your trip, including departure and return with you.


Trekking means climbing overnight, tramp, travel overnight or activity overnight stay similar through mountainous terrain, national park or reserve land is usually done on foot but could be any other way, including but not limited to ride an animal or a vehicle off-road, and which involve an overnight stay in wilderness including campsites, cottages or lodges. For the purpose of clarity that does not mean climbing a mountain.

Unguarded Without a Secure

Unguarded Without a secure means, but are not limited to, when things do not exist on the time lost, abandoned on someone other than your travel companions or authorized representative provider of accommodation or transport, left in a position where goods can be taken without your knowledge, including on the beach or beside the pool when you are swimming or leave it at a distance where you can not prevent it from making unlawful.

Usurped Power

Usurped Power is a situation where the established government de jure or de facto has been overthrown and replaced by another power that impose and/or enforce their own rules.


Vision Loss

Vision loss means the loss of all vision and is incurable.



War and Hostilities

War and Hostilities is a widespread armed conflict (whether or not war has been declared) or a warlike situation between two or more countries, including military exercises of a country or joint-military exercises between countries.


War means a conflict with the use of force between the two countries or more, lasts for any purpose, or the armed opposition of the governing power, or declared or undeclared and open hostility; or condition state to which among them are:

    Dissolution of a good relationship and;
    A dispute with the use of force, both of which are permitted by the ruling government.


We mean Sompo Insurance Indonesia


Worldwide means the whole world but excluding the Indonesian state (excluding the territory of Indonesia).




No insurance jargon starts with X. We will update once we found any.

You, People (-People) Insured

You, People (-people) insured means if enacted is Policyholder and each insured in the Policy as stated in the Summary of Coverage.



No insurance jargon starts with Z. We will update once we found any.