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Property All Risks

For many business owners, buildings that house your operations, raw materials, or finished goods are critical assets that are prone to loss and damage. Navigate your business away from any potential losses in profit by transferring these risks to us — because a financial disaster after the fire is as bad as the disaster itself.

Property All Risk Insurance covers non-industrial assets such as offices, hospitals, schools, as well as industrial properties like warehouses, factories, and malls. This insurance will protect your assets from various types of risks to your property, except for those outlined in the policy.

Sompo Insurance works with you to conduct a proper risk analysis of your assets and issue recommendations required for you to prevent or minimize potential risks while transferring those risks to us. We do all of this so you can have peace of mind and focus on growing your business.


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Sharia Option

Available as Sharia Insurance

If you prefer a Sharia-compliant insurance for your vehicles, you can find this option in the More Information section below.

Covers financial losses resulting from business interruption due to damage or loss of material damage.

Always-on Business

Covers financial losses resulting from business interruptions due to damages or material losses.

Fire Insurance

Protection From Fire

Includes coverage for losses and damages caused by fires, lightning, explosions and the impact of falling aircraft parts, and smoke.

Fire Insurance

Covers All Kinds of Buildings

Whether you own a high-rise building or stand-alone shop, we protect you from various risks.

Property Insurance

Natural Disasters Coverage

Covers losses and damages caused by earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, fires, and explosions following an earthquake and/or volcanic eruption and/or tsunami.


Sharia Option

Sharia Option

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