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Five Important Reasons To Insure

10 Apr 2020 | By Sompo

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Five Important Reasons To Insure


People's awareness in Indonesia to take part in insurance is still fairly low. Apparently the number of Indonesian residents who have not been in contact with insurance is still very large. What are the important reasons for insurance?

Here are 5 reasons why insurance is important

1. Protect your family and loved ones
The family is the most important part, to protect them and their loved ones from unexpected events is the right choice to immediately make insurance. Unforeseen events such as accidents, illness, or even death come without you expecting it. Insurance is important if at any time bad events happen to you and your family. For example, if the head of the family is seriously ill or causes death, who will pay for the family's needs and other financial problems? If you have life insurance, certainly not to worry. Because life insurance will overcome all financial problems when the main source of income of the family dies.
Life insurance serves as a protector of financial risk due to the death of the breadwinner, covering family needs, school fees to self-help children to help parents.

2. Anticipation for an Unexpected Event
We will not know when accidents or accidents will befall you. If that happens, there will be costs we incur for treatment outside the budget that we make.
For this reason, that's when the role of insurance is needed. For example, health insurance can cover a variety of medical expenses that must be incurred when it occurs.
Or when an accident occurs, vehicle insurance can protect your vehicle. Also fire insurance, home insurance, and others.

3. To Arrange a Future Plan
The future of family members, especially children, is very important, as children's education must be prepared early. Moreover, with the condition of education costs that always go up every year. If you don't have preparation it will be very difficult if you want your child to be guaranteed his education until he graduates.

4. Financial Security
Insurance can provide financial security for all family members, because it can reduce the risks associated with the economy. In addition to guaranteeing children's education and future, insurance can cover financial problems when family income is reduced or absent.

5. Give Peace
With the various benefits provided by insurance you can feel calm about the family's future. So you can feel calm because knowing his family will not be displaced when something unexpected happens like death.

You can start thinking about it now to choose the most appropriate insurance product. What needs to be remembered before buying insurance products learn first about how the policy, and what is covered by insurance.