Innovation for Wellbeing

Sompo Digital Lab

Our two innovation hubs are ready to create new customer experiences. Our future is evolving with tremendous speed; as change across society occur, technology continues to bring undprecedented advancements SOMPO Digital lab ensures we have our finger on the pulse, bringing new experiences and value to our customers. Located in Silicon Valley and Tokyo, cities known for their technological innovations and expertise, we are to discover new ways to improve wellbeing.

Sompo Drive

Sompo Drive is a telematics initiative by Sompo in South Asia to make motor insurance more attractive, accessible, and affordable. Our aim is to create awarness about social and financial impact of road accidents, provide feedback on driving behaviour and motivate drivers through various rewards to be a better and safe driver.

It is a mobile application that records driving data using the GPS sensor built-in to your smartphone, withour requiring you to install any device in your car. It will auto-start and auto-stop when it detect you are on the go.

It analyses 4 key aspect of driving, i.e speeding, braking, acceleration and cornering using advanced algorithm providing you with personalized feedback and tips.