1. Personal Accident / Travel Insurance
    This insurance provides cover for Bodily Injury by Accident caused solely through Accidental External violent and visible means then if within twelve months thereof such Bodily Injury shall independently of any other cause result in Death Disablement or Medical Expenses Including to cover bodily injury and medical expenses caused by accident during traveling.
  2. Burglary
    This Insurance provides financial compensation against loss or damage to property contained in the premises by acts of Burglary and or Housebreaking with forcible entry. The protection is as follows:
    • Loss or damage to any property while within the insured’s premises
    • Damage caused to the premises which is the insured’s responsibility to make good caused by Burglary or attempted Burglary during the Period of Insurance.
  3. Money Insurance
    This insurance provides coverage against:
    • Loss of money from any cause within the Insured’s premises or in a bank night safe until removed by a bank official and
    • Loss of or damage to any stamp franking machine safe strong-room security case or other specially designed container for the carriage of money belonging to the Insured.
  4. Public Liability
    This insurance is designed to cover in the event of third party claims being made against of the negligence of the insured that have caused persons to suffer bodily injury or death as a result, and also to cover damage to a third party’s property during the period of insurance.
  5. Moveable All Risk Insurance
    This product provides coverage for protection from loss or damage of object interest that are directly caused by the occurrence of the following risk:
    • Fire, explosion, lightning and falling aircraft.
    • Riot, strike and commotion
    • Storm and typhoon, tidal wave and flood
    • Earthquake, volcanic eruption and tsunami
    • Accidental damage such as get hit/collided, falling down, and run over including falling into water.
  6. Others such as Movable All Risks, Overseas Travelers Personal Accident, Golfer, Other liability insurances, etc.

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