Group Health insurance provides coverage that pays for medical and surgical expenses that are incurred by the insured. The insured should be employees of a company

  • Cashless facility in more than 1600 providers
  • Tailor made group health insurance for minimal 25 employees
  • Web Portal Access for HRD
  • 10% discount for member to buy other general insurance product.
  • Quarterly claim usage report to management
  • SMS Gateway
  • Health Talk and health posters
  • Mobile Application for Android and iPhone
  • Contact center (021 – 292 75 117)

Inpatient and Surgical Benefit

Covering hospitalization treatment expenses and surgical expenses (with or without hospital admission) according to the benefit plan and chosen class.

Outpatient Benefit

Covering outpatient for employee and family included consultation fee, medicine, laboratory examination, vaccination, recommended physiotherapy by doctor and basic dental treatment.

Maternity Benefit

Covering maternity treatment expenses.

Dental Benefit

Covering basic dental treatment, specific treatment, preventive treatment, denture installation if it is recommended by doctor.

Eye Glasses Benefit

Covering eye glasses expenses if it is recommended by doctor.

To See and Download Manual Book HealthCare+ Click Manual Book HealthCare Plus.pdf

International Private Medical Insurance (IPMI) with worldwide coverage, and annual limit up to 3 Million USD. No age limit for renewals (lifetime renewability)


  • WorldCare
  • Worldwide hospital providers
  • Electronic claim submission by email and by mobile phone
  • No age limit for renewals
  • Accept new members up to the age of 79 years
  • Member portal for members to check the claims
  • Claims process notification by email/ sms
  • No claim bonus for individual policy
  • Full cover for chronic conditions
  • Covers congenital disorders up to USD 150,000 per period of cover
  • Full cover for physiotherapy and alternative therapies
  • Covers donor medical costs for organ transplants, as an in-patient or day-patient with the exception of the cost of the donor organ search, up to USD 50,000 per period of cover
  • Covers renal failure and dialysis up to USD 75,000 per period of cover
  • No co-insurance on our maternity benefit
  • No need a doctor’s signature for any out-patient claims or in/day-patient claims under USD 500 per medical condition, per period of cover

incorporation with

WorldCare Essential

Coverage only for Inpatient and Surgical

WorldCare Advance

Coverage only for Inpatient and Surgical and Outpatient

WorldCare Excel

Coverage only for Inpatient and Surgical, outpatient, and dental treatment

WorldCare Apex

Coverage only for Inpatient and Surgical, outpatient, dental treatment and maternity