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Sompo Playbook #stayathome

Hello Sompo Friends,

Hopefully you always healthy safe! Sompo Insurance Indonesia presents two books of Sompo that can be played while Sompo Friends stay at home, whenever it is lebaran or staying at home to maintain your social distance.

Share as much as possible with your family, friends or colleagues, play it together or individually.

Sompo Insurance also provides exciting merchandise for you who have successfully complete a minimum of three games in each book.


  1. Click download the two game books below.
  2. Let's work until it's finished or at least three games or coloring from each book.
  3. Post the results to social media partners by mentioning @sompoindonesia on IG or Sompo Insurance Indonesia on FB
  4. The period ends until July 15, 2020.

Coloring Book
Sompony Playbook