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Sompo Insurance Received Insurance Top Leader Award 2018

Jakarta, 14th December 2018. Sompo Insurance Indonesia received Insurance Top Leader Award 2018 for High-Quality Insurance Product from Warta Ekonomi. The award received by Ratna Indrayani, Retail Marketing Executive Officer. This prestigious award showed SII ability in providing our customers with a high quality of insurance product throughout the year.

In this competitive era and the uncertainty of the economic globalization, the role of the leader of a company becomes vital. To be able to lead, align, and focus to the target of the company. That is why good leadership will bring the company to become the winner in the industry.

Warta Ekonomi gave the awards to the leaders of the best insurance companies in Indonesia both from life and non-life. As a form of appreciation for CEOs who can improve company performance and act in an appropriate strategy.

Warta Ekonomi determined the awards by carrying out their desk research and media monitoring of each CEO of an insurance company during 2018. In the initial assessment, Warta Ekonomi examined the condition of profit or loss and company status in the Early Warning System for the period of 2016-2017 and segmented the company by its assets. Next, the CEO of each company analyzed by media monitoring. This assessment indicator consisted of three aspects, including professionalism, innovation, and commitment to encouraging company performance. After measuring these three aspects, then it focused on the advantages that the CEO have. These advantages are finally pinned to the title of each CEO.

Even though the award given to SII CEO, Eric Nemitz, this award is inseparable from the company’s performance throughout the year. “Let us not forget that the reward is not for me but it recognizes the efforts of all employees in SII and the contribution of everyone in our organization including the support from Sompo Holdings (Asia) and Sompo Group”, said Eric.