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ASIOP (Akademi Sepakbola Intinusa Olah Prima) has been a part of national soccer community since its establishment 22 years ago on September 28th, 1997. In the beginning, ASIOP used Menteng Stadium to practice for 3 years which continued on ABC Soccer Field, GBK Senayan. Today, ASIOP has more than 400 students and 1,500 alumni who are spread both inside and outside of the country. ASIOP has won many international and local tournaments such as Gothia World Youth Cup U-15, Sweden 2016, Norway U-12 2013 Cup, JSSL Singapore U-10 2013, Danone Nations Cup U-12 2018, Division I Top League Scores & League Compass, etc. Besides that, ASIOP has also contributed to the development of national soccer by donating many national players.
Come Back Stronger theme also marks the official change of Logo and Jersey ASIOP which will be used starting May 1st, 2019. The new ASIOP logo illustrates larger ASIOP Vision & Mission and higher achievement goals. While the practice of the latest Jersey marks rolling season of this year and also the latest sponsors who support ASIOP Football Academy. Sompo Insurance Indonesia is very proud to be the main sponsor of ASIOP for next one year where SII logo is printed throughout of ASIOP uniform. Support for ASIOP is certainly in line with the vision and mission of Company that sees the potential of ASIOP to be one of the potential successors of professional soccer players