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Sompo Insurance Indonesia collaborates with AIESEC Indonesia by the named "Sompo Youth Alliance for Sustainable" program. It was officially launched on March 18, 2019 on the AIESEC Indonesia social media platform. AIESEC is an organization that provides opportunities for future Indonesian leaders in experience by doing cross cultural exchange programs by living side by side with fellow volunteers from various countries to achieve the same goal which is Peace and Fulfilment of Humankind Potential by looking at differences in culture, religion, belief and also gender.

AIESEC has a minimum standard what they call Exchange Standard Minimums, divided into 4 blogs that are development, logistics, job, and living. Insurance is one of the important things that are included in the life section and must be owned by AIESEC volunteers who will do cross cultural exchange programs. Therefore, to create a sense of secure and protection for the volunteers, AIESEC will recommend the protection of TravelFirst Edu from Sompo Insurance Indonesia for every volunteer and member who will run the program abroad.
Sompo Indonesia strives to provide the best solutions with its products and services and always trying to provide a worry-free travel experience guaranteed by Sompo TravelFirst for safety, comfort, and convenience throughout the world, all of which are also in line with the goals of AIESEC. Sompo Insurance Indonesia and AIESEC Indonesia have agreed to create an initiative to spread more awareness and impact on the AIESEC program for much Indonesian youth in 18 cities attended by AIESEC Indonesia.