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Sompo Insurance and Wuling Motors Launch ‘Wuling Insurance’

As part of continuous commitment towards product and service for customers in Indonesia, PT SGMW Motor Indonesia (Wuling Motors), in alliance with PT Sompo Insurance Indonesia (Sompo Insurance), launched an insurance product, namely ‘Wuling Insurance’, to media partners, network dealers, and leasing partners of Wuling Motors on December 6th 2017 in Jakarta. The partnership between Wuling Motors and Sompo Insurance will strengthen both companies’s position in its own industry, i.e. automotive and general insurance throughout Indonesia.

'Wuling Insurance' is an insurance product that is issued and fully guaranteed by Sompo Insurance. This motor vehicle insurance product offers the customers two benefit packages, Silver and Gold. The packages will provide protection for various Wuling Motors vehicle solutions, which can only be easily accessible at Wuling's official outlets. Wuling Insurance also offers reliable protection for vehicles in case of unforeseen accident. As a form of commitment to its customers, Wuling Motors also provides additional benefit of Service Maintenance Voucher (SMV) to be used as a reimbursement of spare parts cost during periodical service.

SMV covers spare parts reimbursement cost according to Wuling Motors’ official warranty service manual (guaranteed up to 50.000 KM) and vehicle repair process handled directly by qualified personnels from Wuling Motors as well as quality assurance according to Wuling Motors’ standard and authentic spare parts. SMV can only be used in authorized Wuling Motors workshops. Moreover, by selecting the GOLD Wuling Insurance package the customer will get the benefit of loss guarantee caused by natural disasters.

Responding to the strategic partnership created by Wuling Motors, Daniel Neo, Chief Executive Officer, Sompo Insurance is delighted to embrace more business partners, especially Wuling Motors. "This cooperation is a proud moment for us since Wuling Motors is an aggressive new coming ATPM in Indonesian market by presenting vehicles that meet the needs of the people of Indonesia and also by building a factory in Indonesia which means people no longer need to worry about spare parts or Wuling service as well as our excellent service claims, service network, and Sompo Insurance branches across the nation. We are confident to provide the best vehicle insurance services to Wuling Motors Customers," he explained.

In line with Sompo Insurance, Wuling Motors also welcomes this business cooperation. Cindy Cai, Vice President of VSSM Wuling Motors said, "With the presence of Wuling Insurance, Customers no longer have to worry about owning Wuling cars. This service is one of our real commitments to consumers and with the support of Sompo Insurance as a company that has global experience in building branded insurance, supported by more than 400 workshop networks of more than 400 workshops spread across 15 major cities of Indonesia, this service is in line with the spirit of Wuling Motors that is Drive For A Better Life."

Customers who purchase Wuling Insurance can easily access claims and other services by calling Sompo Care 14051 Call Center and press five or via the consumer e-mail service at the contact center: . Sompo Care 14051 customer service is accessible to all customers 24 hours, 7 days a week.