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Launching AutoGlad Workshop

PT Indomobil Sompo Japan, a joint venture company established by Indomobil Group with Sompo Holdings Inc. opened its first body and paint shop in Indonesia under the name Autoglad, located in Pekayon, Kota Bekasi. Repair and car body repair shop was inaugurated operation by 1st August 2017.

Unlike the body repair and painting workshop that has been there, body repair & painting workshop managed by PT Indomobil Sompo Japan is using the latest technology of repair and painting of the car body directly imported from Japan.

In addition to repairing heavy car body breakdowns, Autoglad also serves minor repairs and minor damage using the SMART alias Small-Medium Area Repair Technique method that promises excellence in time efficiency and repair costs.

The establishment of Autoglad has received full support from Indomobil Group which is known as one of the largest distributor network of four-wheeled vehicles in Indonesia.*