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Cyber Security Insurance

Doing online interaction such as purchasing online, social media, and all kinds of online activities are inevitable and become our daily life. These activities mostly have a very high risk due to cyberattacks and you're not alone concerned about protecting yourself and your family from cyberattacks. Nearly two-thirds of consumers are worried about a cyberattack and almost one-third have already experienced an attack, according to a 2019 survey by Verisk, a data analytics company.

Cyberattacks also include sending viruses, identity theft, and cyberbullying. Aside from direct financial losses, you might face other financial consequences. You could have expenses to restore your identity and data, legal fees for lawsuits, and even temporary living expenses due to cyberbullying.

Sompo Insurance covers this kind of risk so that you and your family can have safe and protected digital activities and accounts.




Cyber attack

Cyber Attack

Pays for the restoration caused by cyber attacks to desktops, laptops, or smartphones

Cyber extortion

Cyber Extortion

Helps you recover from ransomware attacks that block you from accessing your personal data and demanding a fee to regain control.

Identity theft

Identity Theft

Helps you pay for reasonable or necessary expenses including legal cost to correct or reinstate official public records and loss of income caused by vindication.

Online Fraud

Online Fraud

Pays for direct financial losses due to problems like identity theft, unauthorized banking or credit card transfers, phishing schemes and other types of fraud.


Insurance Glossary

Insurance Glossary

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