Weather Index Insurance for smallholders farmers in Indonesia

If we face crop failure, who will be struggling?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Weather Index Insurance is a microinsurance product which protects farmers from the risk extreme weather, in this case is drought. It provides a compensation to the insured person (farmers), if the total rainfalls occur during an insurance period is less than or equal to predefined threshold stated in the policy certificate, regardless of actual condition or harvest yield.

As a part of initiative activities of Sompo Holdings, Sompo has researched and provided WII scheme for farmers in several countries (Thailand, the Philippines, and Myanmar). We provide insurance protection for farmers vulnerable to risk of extraordinary weathers, so that they can sustain their livelihood by utilizing the claim payment if drought is occured. In Indonesia, Sompo has gotten a staunch support from JICA for research and development of WII for Indonesia as well as data from BMKG, so we believe we can contribute to Indonesia smallholder farmers.

The first insurance period will start from rainy season of October 2017 – November 2017 (2 months) for Bojonegoro area. The purchase of Weather Index Insurance has been supported by Sompo Insurance Indonesia’s employees to show our involvement for farmers. The second insurance will start from December 2017 – January 2018 (2 months) for Central Lombok through this website campaign.

There are about 100 – 300 farmers in 1 village. This time Sompo will sell WII in 2 villages (one village in Central Lombok and the other one in Bojonegoro).

From the aspects of irrigation (non-irrigated area), and correlation between Harvest & Rainfall.

  • Premium:IDR 50,000 for 1,000m2 land area (called as one application)
  • Coverage (Sum Insured / Benefit): IDR 500,000
  • One person can buy the maximum premium of 10 applications (IDR 50,000 x 10 applications = IDR 500,000) so it can cover the farmer’s land area of 1 Ha. In result, the total benefit can be up to IDR 5,000,000.
  • If accumulation of rainfall in insurance period is below or equal to predefined threshold, claim will be paid without any need of survey.
  • Rainfall amount will be measured by the nearest BMKG weather station. The threshold calculation will be done by Sompo and already determined before the period of insurance starts.
  • Period: depend on the location. This year, target period is rainy season of the area, which is for two months.
  • For the time being, Sompo focus on Paddy/rice. It can be applied to other crops, but it should be implemented in the future.
  • The main trigger is drought.

This year, the target area is Central Lombok (Penujak) and Bojonegoro (Ngasem). Next year we will target suburb villages of each location, and we want to expand the number of villages year by year. For other location (other province), we may expand if there is specific needs and request.

Thailand has implemented WII for Paddy rice, and the trigger is drought – which is the same thing with Indonesia. However, we sell WII through national agricultural bank. The number of contracts / premium cannot be opened to public.

Index Insurance does not need a survey when claim occurs since the amount of compensation has been determined since beginning. Indemnity Insurance needs a survey when there is a claim, to determine the loss and to validify the claim. Index insurance and Indemnity insurance is having different features and this is not a competition. In Indonesia, there are several conditions of environment, so, what is needed by farmers is not just one solution. We believe both these insurances can complement the benefits of each type of insurance.

Sompo already received OJK license of WII in March 2016, as micro-insurance category.

You can contribute by purchasing WII premium from IDR 50,000 per 1,000m2 of paddy field for one policy, up to IDR 500,000 per 1 hectare of paddy field for 10 policies.

The bigger your contributions, the more farmers would get help when the drought is threatening. This opportunity would also give them an exposure of the importance of having an insurance in the future.

The farmers in these area own or rent their rice field for less or equal to 1 Ha (10 insurance applications).

Yes, you can contribute by these following steps, either Credit Card or Sompo’s bank virtual account:
  1. Choose the number of application that you want to buy, and click the payment link given.
  2. You will be directed to Midtrans payment page. Fill the information of your details and card detail, then confirm payment.
  3. The payment confirmation will be sent to your email.
Transfer to Sompo’s bank virtual account:
  1. Choose the number of application that you want to buy for the farmers (1-10 applications)
  2. Transfer the total amount of premium based on the number of applications (IDR 50,000 – IDR 500,000), to the virtual account bank given.
  3. Send your bank transfer receipt to; please inform the name of sender on the bank if it is different with your name.
  4. WII team will validate the payment and send the confirmation notification to your email
  5. Done. You protect our food sustainability and our Indonesian farmers!

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