Travel Insurance - TravelFirst

PT Sompo Insurance Indonesia is here to assist you in minimizing the potential risks and any consequences that occur when you travel on business or holiday.

Practical. If you experience any inconvenience on the way you may contact our 24-hour Emergency Service at +6221 299 78 999 (international) or 14051 (local) from claim services, medical assistance arrangements to evacuation and repatriation.

Important things to know:

1. Entrance Age is the age on next birthday.

Adult: Maximum 70 years old.

Children: Before the age of 21 or 25 years old for those in full time tertiary institutions who are not married or in employment.

2. No refund of premium, if the policy has been issued special for short trip.

3. Maximum duration of coverage for one short trip 183 (one hundred and eighty three) days and for an annual trip is 90 (ninety) days per trip.

4. Dual: The Policy will guarantee two person that will travel together for all trip with the same schedule

5. Family: One or two adult/s who will engage the trip with maximum three children along. Two adults don't have to have a connection, but the children have to have connection with one of the adults.

TravelFirst Benefit

  • Provide protection of underwater activity.
  • Provides benefits of reconstructive surgery for burns.
  • Provide full protection against the risks of terrorism and sabotage.
  • Provides protection against loss and damage to the contents of the house due to fire and dismantling.
  • Schengen approved Visa.
  • Claim can be processed by cashless or reimbursement.
  • Child policy can be published as individual policy.